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The Forgotten Aspect of Forgiveness

The Biblical story of David and Goliath has been told and re-told a thousand times. In his best-selling book, Malcolm Gladwell provides a fascinating twist to the tale. We have been told that David is the underdog and Goliath is the favorite. In the end, the underdog overcomes the favorite. Gladwell says we have this wrong for all of 3,000 years. David is infantry in those days. His weapon is a sling that has the stopping power of a 45-caliber handgun. He is a master of his craft. And he has faith on his side. He is willing to undertake a mission that no one else wants. He never gets close to Goliath (till he kills Goliath). Goliath is a monster. Endocrinologists agree that he probably had a rare condition – a tumor on his pituitary that had two consequences – his abnormal size and his blurred vision. He is led on to the battlefield by an assistant – he can’t see! He is great at close combat with a sword but miserable at a distance. He is weighed down by his heavy armor. He urges Dav